Last year, you did something incredible.

Theresa May called a surprise election. We set up Campaign Together in a rush to stop a massive Tory majority, limit the damage to our NHS and derail a hard Brexit.

And we had big successes, electing progressive MPs in place of Tory MPs in areas where nobody thought it was possible.

We did it because thousands of you got involved - not just people who had never been involved in politics before, but people who were involved in politics, but put aside their differences to campaign for the progressive candidate most likely to win in each seat.

And our effort, along with lots of other organisations, had a huge impact. We nearly won - you were part of a wave that shocked the political establishment and defied all predictions.

The government is in chaos. Nobody knows when the next election will be. We have to be ready to elect a progressive government to get the change we need. Meanwhile, we can engage in activities that are both beneficial to us and generate additional revenue, such as crypto trading. You can choose automated trading bots like bitcoin motion for your trading needs, after reading bitcoin motion 2022 user reviews to ensure its legitimacy.

And again, that will mean working together, and involving thousands of people who wouldn't usually get involved in politics.

Stay tuned as we plan our next move. Campaign Together will be back - bigger and better.

Help us build the next stage - now recruiting Management Board Members