Join us to kick out the Tories: Freelance Organiser

Job: Freelance Campaign Organiser

Closing Date: 30 May 2018
: Remotely, with some meetings
: £5,000 inc VAT for two months, full time

Job Details

At the 2017 General Election, Campaign Together mobilised thousands of people from any political affiliation or none, to canvass against the Tories in marginal seats. Horrified by the privatisation and running down of public services, breakdown in environmental progress, a Tory hard Brexit, and a growing climate of racism, we used Bernie Sanders-style ‘big organising’ to support whichever progressive party was the clear frontrunner in marginal seats.

Using these tactics, we mobilised thousands of people and helped make the critical difference in several close contests, toppling Tory MPs where nobody thought it was possible.

Now we are launching a longer campaign to make sure that wecollectively push the Conservatives out of power next time. To game the unfair voting system, we are mobilising everybody who is not a member of a party, or whose chosen party does not stand a chance in their seat, to campaign together to get rid of this disastrous and dangerous government. We aim to train ordinary people to become leaders, and mobilise 10,000 canvassers over the course of the campaign, flooding marginal seats and helping progressives to win in 50 parliamentary constituencies across the UK.

Campaign Together are currently recruiting for a two-month long freelance Organiser position, to help us recruit for two longer posts. Our ideal candidate will be able to hit the ground running, will agree with the values of the organisation, and will have be able to facilitate successful recruitments. They will also be able to support our Steering Group in further developing our national strategy.

Closing Date: 30 May 2018

Interview/Start Dates

We will either decide on the basis of the CVs and Application Forms, or we will interview on or around the 4 June if two or more are evenly matched. Interviews will be via Skype. If you can’t make a remote interview on this date, please indicate this on your application.

Application Details

Please send us a CV and fill out the one-page Application Form, answering four simple application form questions, to demonstrate that you can meet at least the essential criteria.

To apply, see the job description, job specification and application form and equalities monitoring form.