Getting Started

So you want to use your time strategically to keep the Tories out of your nearest Swing constituency. Brilliant.

Once you’ve joined our ‘Slack’ team (Click here to join Slack if you haven’t already), these are a few things you can do to get started. Slack is an online organising tool.

The idea is that we move from being individual voters to active organisers, so feel free to invite your friends, create new channels, suggest events, create new ideas and self-organise. Be sure to join the relevant regional chanel for your area (e.g #South-Wales or #East-Midlands)


  • Locate your nearest target ‘swing’ constituency where we want to either keep the Conservatives out, or unseat an incumbent Tory.
  • Find out when the next canvassing (door knocking) opportunity is for the progressive party. This might be Labour, Green or Lib Dem - it depends on the seat. Share this information with people on your slack channel. Perhaps other people want to join you in a door knocking day as well. Get them along!
  • Find out when the next phone banking event is. Share these details on your slack channel.


  • Share memes (images) from Campaign Together on Facebook. And create your own. We also have special social media roles and teams you can join (check out #nationalsocialmedia on Slack)
  • Use your Twitter account to encourage your networks to join you in fighting the nearest Tory. And follow @Campaign2017 for updates.
  • Encourage your friends and family to get organising with you. They can sign up here as well.

We also have lots of specialied roles at Campaign Together across the country. We’ve borrowed the term ‘super-volunteers’ from the States to describe these roles, including specialising in social media, press and volunteer coordination. Fill out this form here and we’ll be in touch.