About us

We are Campaign Together. We bring together people from the UK, no matter what their background, to stop the Tories from winning another parliamentary majority at the next election. We use electoral data to determine which left-leaning party has the best chance of beating the Tories in 50 of the most marginal seats and support any and all volunteers to get out campaigning.

We started out as a group of volunteers in the 2017 General Election who were terrified of a Conservative landslide. We knew that the single most effective way to change elections is simple: ordinary people canvassing others in their community through door knocking, phone calls and texts. So we trained thousands of volunteers to go out door knocking, run events and make phone calls to make sure that progressives win. And we did it! We helped “swing the vote” in 25 constituencies across the country.

To learn more about our approach, read our blog “How to stop a supermajority: A call to action” on ActBuildChange.