Join us to kick out the Tories: Steering Group members

Steering Group Members

Are you worried about the apparent deadlock in UK politics, and terrified that the Tories could win again?

At the 2017 General Election, Campaign Together mobilised thousands of people from any political affiliation or none, to canvass against the Tories in marginal seats. Horrified by the privatisation and running down of public services, breakdown in environmental progress, a ‘hard deregulation Brexit’, and a growing climate of racism, we used Bernie Sanders-style ‘big organising’ to support whichever progressive party was the clear frontrunner in marginal seats.

Now we are launching a longer campaign through the next local, London and General Elections, to make sure that we collectively push the Conservatives out of power this time. To game the unfair First Past The Post system, we are mobilising everybody who is not a member of a party, or whose chosen party does not stand a chance in their seat, to campaign together to get rid of this disastrous and dangerous government. We aim to organise patiently in communities, train ordinary people to become leaders, and mobilise 10,000 canvassers over the course of the campaign, flooding marginal seats and helping progressives to win in 50 parliamentary constituencies across the UK.

Join our Steering Group!

Campaign Together are currently recruiting for experienced social movement leaders to strategically guide our organisation through the next year or two, and hopefully longer. Our ideal candidate will agree with the values of the organising and increasing political participation, determined to get the Tories out at the next election, and have the ability to lead a large national social movement towards that end. We are looking for three people to increase our voluntary leadership team.You will bring leadership ability and the willingness to contribute but we don’t want to over specify this role as we don’t know exactly what amazing skills and experience people will have to bring.

For more information and how to apply, see the role description and application process.