Are you scared about the potential results of the forthcoming election and the damage another five years of Tory rule will do?

Do you want to do something about it, but not quite sure what to do?

Don’t panic! We have a plan to help change the course of the 2017 General Election.

Campaign Together wants to bring together thousands of activists across the country to protect our National Health Service, support a diverse Britain and guard against a hard Brexit. We’ve identified key seats where progressive parties are most likely to win and we need your help.

By going door knocking and engaging voters in these areas, we can sway people towards progressive candidates. And with it, change the course of this election.

Neighbour-to-neighbour campaigning worked for Obama. It can work for us too.

People are most influenced by real conversations, which is why we need you to get involved.

Type in your postcode to get started and find out where we can campaign together.